2015년 11월 22일 일요일

Necessary words

 Sorry,Thank you,I love you.

People live forgetting these important words. Despite the fact that these are simple words, people don’t say these often. As you are reading this post, think about how many times you said these words today. It doesn’t matter who they are.

  Korean people conceal their emotion. Guys conceal their emotions even more than women. The guys born in Korea are taught how to stand all the things by Korea adults. Men should never burst out their emotion to other people. Because their parents grew up in this way, the parents force their kids to control themselves. Do not show your emotion!! For this reason, they repress their feelings and what they want to say.

  We can easily find some examples around us. For example, women want to check their love but men don’t fill their lover’s wish. Women just want guys to say ‘I love you’. Second, when they fight with each other, they never say ‘I’m sorry’ first. Actually they wait the other person to say sorry. Lastly, if someone give some presents or advice, Korean hold the word ‘Thank you’ in their mind and later they express using text. They don’t know how to behave.

  These three words make us happy. Listener feel good and we can build good relationship. We can reduce some fight between couples.

2015년 10월 8일 목요일

Family relationship

How well do you really know your family? I’m a member of big family. I have three sisters. The story is about the relationship between my second older sister and me. We had misunderstood each other for 24-year. But now, I overcome the problem. The solution was just simple. The answer was ‘talk with alcohol’. We always talk with other people but we rarely talk with our family though family is the closest in our lives.

 First, I thought she doesn’t like me. I don’t know why I thoughtthat. I had been leaving the house because I felt they ignore me. We fought almost everyday and the fact was really stressful for me. So, I decided to leave my home without any clue. When my sisters found me at my friend’s house they drug me into the home. At that time, I thought I am very strong and there was nothing is impossible to me. I was mad at her because she kept interrupting me. why doesn’t she believe me? I was severely scolded by my sister after that happened, maybe I don’t like her in the back of my mind. We live just like other sisters.

 Suddenly, she called me and suggested that we hang out and I said yes. We have never hung out before just two of us. We played well that night and regularly played. I felt little close and then we often eat out for dinner. Then one day, we drank alcohol I had courage to talk about why she didn’t like me and so scolded me. She was sorry if she hurt me but that was just for me. She said that “ just I really love you so much, I don’t want you to go off the path”. Finally, I realized what a stupid girl I was and I thought just only about myself. Obviously, she got a hurt because of me. She and I were crying that night.
This is my honest story. Be honest. We always make a lot of mistakes. This is my family story but if the case was not my family, I don’t know the power of honest conversation. While we live our life, the most important thing is relationship among people. But we are always concern about the other people except our own family. So, have you ever really talked with your family? If not, have bravery, call your family, and talk right now just person to person. I wish everyone who read my essay will be happy in their life.

2015년 10월 5일 월요일

University is not essential.

University is not essential.
 University teaches many things other than your major. College teaches technologies of your major and helps you to get a job. These days most of students have in trouble with getting a job. For this reason many students’ thinking has changed. Students who entered the university turn to college and this circumstance has increased. Why has this happened? There are many reasons such as wasting of time, money and the other ways to enter the company.
 While all students who have graduated university are always concerned about their qualification such as score of TOEIC, many kinds of certification for entering big company, college students have already got their job and they had a lot of experiences. In addition, some people study more for entering good university. Add these two cases total comes 3 years or more in opposition to college students just for studying. However, recently we face the problem of unemployment among young people.
Despite waste of time and unemployment, some people who have supported university emphasize people who graduated university can earn better starting salary . Actually, university expenses are too high. They even spend much money for keeping their school life typically eating some food, buying major books, transportation costs, sometimes drinking , and so on. Most young people have graduated university. They don’t want to go to small companies because of their investment. They entered university because of getting a job but they couldn’t get a job. How contradictory! Why do we have to go university?
 There are great schools for getting a job called Special Purpose High-school. The government set a solution for high school graduate. These schools teach job related technologies and famous big companies obligatorily hire some students. University students want to go to big companies but there are other ways to enter the companies for others students too. There are many companies which give a chance to someone who wants to enter the university using company’s expense. We don’t need to kick just as university. Graduating high school, university, college is the same, just one point is whether they have passion or not. Comparing these cases is so stupid.
Life is simple. Do what you love. If you want to be a merchant, should you graduate the course of business management? I think the answer is “No”. There are many ways to succeed. For example, as you know, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, they are only high school graduated. Is the school important for them? It is passion and dream for their jobs that were the key for  success. They already know what is the most important in their life. Passion cannot be measured by any score. Even though in 21st century, our society is connected with getting a job with the university. It must be stopped in our generation. If you want to go to university, it is fine. However, what you want to be is not related to university, you need to be a brave person against society. University is a title as the other name in our society. Some people who are asking where is your university must be disappear.

2015년 6월 12일 금요일

gender issue

for preparing debate about gender
 topic 1 Q
  • Who do you enjoy communicating with more - men or women?  Why?
  • What puzzles you the most about the opposite gender?  
    What do you like the most about thee opposite gender? What bothers you?
  • What have you noticed about how homogenous gender groups communicate differently?
  • How do you communicate differently with a man or a woman?
  • In your experience, how do men and women approach these aspects of communication differently?
- apologizing                                                    - arguing
- giving compliments                                       - solving problems
- interrupting                                                     - eye contact
What are some other differences in how men and women communicate and behave?

topic2Q  sexual discrimivation statistic


2015년 6월 9일 화요일

Witch hunt

Time is not problem to close friend
Just holding hand is not problem there's  no emotion.
I don't  know  why men put meaning to touching
When people is so drunk we can't keep ourselves steady.
His mind went seesaw
This kind of man is always waving whomever he meet
If he makes up his mind to going cute girl and then when  they broke up, the reason will be same with his x- girl friend

2015년 6월 8일 월요일

Heading camp


What i want to say
We didn't see often than i expected because we were long distance  couple

Almost big companies prefer to hire having abroad experience person

They give high score to person who has experience other countries

If i get a my dream job, I will promote maybe in company
not much later, I will marry, maybe I will pregnant and have to quit my dream job

For my healthier baby,smarter baby

According to medical study, the babies are late birth after mother pass 30 years

First, they use always respectful words
After improving Korean ability,  they separate respectful words and general words

2015년 4월 16일 목요일

About SHELF project

I sometimes see TV show the name is "hunting witch" .
It is one of the popular TV show in North Korea.
If i have to produce any show, I'll produce like a "hunting witch".
The way to progress is my group will translate with the story about someone's problem.
After we separate the team with the pros and cons,  we talk about the problem (maybe it will be debate form).
It will be fun!!